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Ashley Thomas, M.A. Resident In Counseling

LPC Resident In Counseling

I am a burgeoning clinician with a focus and passion for supporting your ability to work through traumatic experiences.  I facilitate this by bringing you back to safety through supporting your connection to your body sensations and your surroundings using body based approaches and mindfulness.

Trauma robs us of our ability to to be present in the current moment. Trauma effects our ability to feel safe in our current and environment and in our social ties. By bringing you back to the present and helping you to develop trust in yourself, we work together to interrupt the state of chronic shut down, avoidance or anxiety. Trauma continues to take us out of our body and out of our felt sense of self and creates a sense of reliving past situations both consciously and unconsciously. When we react to our current situation from the lens of past experiences, we limit how we can respond in our current life.

Together we identify and practice the tools that uniquely support your with improving your ability to stay within and return to the present as needed. This forms the foundation of changing our relationship with others and the environment so that we can begin to respond to everyday stressors differently.

Ashley primarily utilizes Internal Family Systems model in the therapeutic process with clients. She also utilizes a blend of Emotional Freedom technique and somatic therapy. This creates a strengthening of our mind-body connection and help facilitate emotional and physical healing.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and walk on your journey of healing with you.